Different Horse Fencing Options

If you’ve been looking around recently, you’ve probably found a good number of options when it comes to types of horse fencing. But which one will be the best for you? There are a number of angles to keep in mind when purchasing your horse fence ranging from safety to durability, but when it comes to the fence type it’s actually quite straightforward. Here’s a quick look at the different options you have when it comes to horse fencing.

Basic Wire Mesh Fencing

mesh horse fenceEssentially your basic chicken wire with thicker wire. This type of fencing is far from ideal but very very affordable. If cost is your biggest worry this may be an option, but you still may have problems with breaking or injured horses down the road that create more costs, so when you make your decision be sure to factor this in.

As far as installation, wire mesh fencing is fairly easy. It does tend to be heavy so you will probably want some help, but there’s never a lack of help around my place, I can tell you that.

Solid Board Fencing

board horse fenceThis is a bit safer than wire mesh fencing but quite the project when it comes to installation. I’ve spent hours installing a similar fence recently so I know how hard it is. The biggest problem you’ll come up against once its installed is breakage. The fact that there is little to no give when the fence is pushed on means that the first thing to give is either your horse or your fence. (Usually the fence). Even hard vinyl fencing can break and shatter causing some pretty nasty injury to your horses. I’ve found this to be even more of a problem when temperatures get very cold. And they do here in Montana :) .

High Tensile Polymer Rail Fencing

centaur fencingThis stuff is my favorite. Easy to install and the best attributes of any fence. Its flexible when it needs to be which means no breaking, but strong enough to hold up to just about anything. I mean check out the video below with the elephants pushing on it. The stuff usually comes in big rolls so its fairly easy to install as you just need to roll it out and attach it to your posts. If you want to buy centaur fencing products, click the link. You might also find the centaur electric fencing products helpful as well.

High Tensile Polymer Wire Fencing

htp wire horse fencingWire fencing always makes me uneasy as I’ve had horses get cut as they push up against it and crib on it. Apparently, there is a polymer wire fencing out there that has all the good things about a wire fence (easy to install and cheap) with the strength and safety of a rail fence. I’ve never tried it myself, but I know White Lightning, Centaur, and Gallagher sell them. You can check them out here if you’d like.

Regular Steel Wire Fencing

wire horse fenceOk, this stuff is by far the worst. It’ll cut your horse up, has low visibility (means your animals run into it a lot!), and doesn’t really cost much less than alternatives. I would suggest strongly against it but I have seen it done. If you put up enough strands it does get a bit safer. However, I’ve even seen guys hit their own fence on ATVs before. Not fun.

Anywho, if you’ve got any suggestions or additions, please let me know. I’m happy to add or change anything I need to to this guide. I hope its been helpful for you. I know the stuff has been helpful for me when I’m laying new fencing down.

Thanks all!